16S1P LIFEPO4 EVE CATL BATTERY PACK 48V280AH w/BT CAN RS485 200A BMS CAN RS485 for solar system camping power bank w/case

Quick Overview

1.48V 16S 200A/150A/100A BMS with LCD Bluetooth CAN RS485

 connect the mobile phone PC upper computer and inverter

2. Suitable Battery: EVE CATL 270Ah 280Ah 304Ah 310Ah Cells

3. Battery pack type:stackable

4. size:720*440*240mm

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1 * Battery Case (Bottom case, Front Panel, Top Bracket, Front Bracket, Top cover)

1 * 48V 100/150/200A 16S BMS+2*wires

10 * Epoxy board(Between cell and the case)

2 * PCB Board(with sheet copper wires) for BMS and Cells Connection+2*matched EVA Tape

1 * Weak electric switch

4 * Battery Terminals (P+ Terminal and P- Terminal)

4 * Battery Terminals Insulation Covers

4* Long Flexible busbars (BMS connection)

15 * Flexible busbars (Cell connection)

4 * Handle

2 * PCB Board for BMS and Cell Connection

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