14s9p samsung 18650 2600mah battery pack 52V23AH with BMS (30-60A) with 250W motor

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 14s9p 18650 battery pack

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1)Cell brands:QB Samsung Panasonic L*SANYO SONY FDK MOLI EV* DMEGC AAA AA A 10440 14500 17430 17500 17670 18500 18650 18670 20650 26650 20700 21700 26700 32700.. etc.

2)Nominal Cell Capacity:2200mAh 2600mAh 2800mAh 2900mAh 3000mAh 3200mAh 3400mAh 3500mAh 4000mAh 4500mAh 5000mAh 6000mAh ...etc.

3)Discharge end voltage:2.5*(lifepo4)&2.75*(li-ion)

4)Charge protect voltage:3.65*(lifepo4)&4.25*(li-ion)

5)Max charge voltage:3.65*(lifepo4)&4.25*(li-ion)

6)Max charge current:1-8A(adjustable)

7)Max discharge current:1-50A(adjustable)

8)Working temperature:Charge 20~45°C,45~85%RH

9)Working temperature:Discharge-20~60°C,45~85%RH

10)Storage temperature andhumidity:

One month: -20~+55°C,45~85%RH

Two months: -20~+45°C,45~85%RH

One year: -5~+20°C,45~85%RH

11)Cycle life:500 TIMES CYCLES (Normal temperature ,1C cycle to 60%,100%DOD)&2500-3000Times cycles

12)Safety certificate:CERTIFICATION: CE,UL,FCC, RoHS,ISO9001

13)Application:Portable equipment: laptop, camcorder, PDA, gigital camera, P-DVD etc

Military equipments:IR telescope,Medical devices,Power tools etc.

Electric bicycle, E-bike, EV, Electric scooter, Golf carts, Electric wheelchair

Medical Instrument, Rehabilitation Equipment, Diagnosis Equipment

Medical Testing Device, Dignostic Device, Medical Monitor

Detecting instrument, Prospecting instrument, Testing instrument., Air/ water testing meter,

Mobile communication equipment , Scaner, Mapper

Power Tool, Wireless Machine, Portable Instrument, POS Machine, Alarm Monitor

Wireless monitoring equipment, solar street lights, solar energy storage, energy storage power stations,Miner's lamp

Medical equipment, mechanical equipment, instrumentation, communication equipment, communication base stations, power tools, LED Lamps, traffic signs, portable small household appliances emergency lamp

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